What unique skills does this course add to the Kinesiology discipline?

The Health Kinesiology System adds many new skills to the Kinesiology discipline.

Setting up the basics of how all HK practitioners work

  • The quick and efficient Meridian Energy Balance procedure to establish a smooth flow of energy through the meridians.  (HK 1)
  • The skill of concise verbal testing.  (HK 1 through all the classes)
  • The concept of working within a menu and offering the body in priority order which Factor it needs next to promote healing. (HK 1 through all the classes)
Checking for Balance before working

Checking for Balance before working

Ann teaching HK theory

Ann teaching HK theory

Testing for placement of magnets

Testing for placement of magnets

The Factors for the HK Menu

Energy Correction Factors, Energy Toning Factors, Adjunctive Factors, Energy Re-Direction Factors, Environmental Factors and where each of them is working within the physical and subtle energy systems. (HK 1 for three factors and then adding more factors at HK 5)

Issue Analysis

  • Naming the priority issue through HK testing of Physical Body Terms, Psychological Terms, Subtle Energy Terms, Spiritual Terms or Other
  • Analysing the named Issue through The Facets-Prevention, Cause, Process, Effect, Repair, Blocking, Symptom, Other and which underlying physical and energy disturbances are being addressed.  (HK 3)

The Energy Control System

  • The concept and theory behind the Energy Control System and its critical role in physical health. (HK 2)
  • The detailed theory behind the electro-magnetic work within the Energy Control System. (HK 2)
  • The Body Brain Energy Integration dealing with early fears which effect the flow of energy from the body back to the brain. (HK 1)
  • The Belief System Elimination corrections for eliminating or reducing outdated belief systems.
  • The Membrane Configuration unblocking receptor sites on the cell walls allowing the passage of nutrients into the cells and toxins to be released. (HK 2)

Energy Flow Balance

The Energy Flow Balance category of corrections allowing a smooth flow of energy through the energy system and physical body including working with both the Sensory Energy Function and the Cognitive- Sensory Energy Integration. (HK 3, 4, 5)

Psychological Structures and Constructs

The vast number of psychological structures (HK 1 through all the classes) and the psychological constructs – Critical Life Concepts. (HK 7 through to HK 9) which deal with limiting beliefs, thoughts and perceptions, emotions, feelings and disturbed behaviours.

Other Corrections Unique to HK

  • The Symbiotic Energy Transformation procedure for dealing with bio-energetic disturbed reactions and the raising of tolerance levels for all contact substances.  (HK 2)
  • The Tissue Energy Balance unblocking energy within the tissues to allow nutrients in to nourish the cells or to release toxins. (HK 2)
  • The Temperament Factor helps the client to change their mode of emotional responses which no longer serve them appropriately. (HK 6)
  • The Points/Operation Matrix – enables HK practitioners to set up unique HK corrections for clients and tap into existing advanced HK corrections which they may not already know. (HK 4)
  • The Cellular Dynamics restore or ‘reset’ the energy blueprint allowing proper metabolic functioning within the cells.

Energy Toning Factors

  • The Reactivation Energy Toning Factor to tell the body to process any energy work that for some reason is sitting stagnant. (HK 4)
  • The Energy Toning Factor: Energy Toning Movements a series of movements over the body that brings the body into a complete meridian energy balance. (HK 4)

Energy Redirection Factors

These factors concentrate existing balanced energy into a specific area to speed up healing or encourage the body to find other ways of dealing with stress. The Energy Redirection Factors provide the body with a new control panel instructing the body to update its existing programmes where appropriate.

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“The HK training has been an incredible life-changer both for my case study ‘clients’ and myself.  The training started when I received the pre-course literature to help me prepare for the first course.  This was a good indication of the impetus of HK training as a whole.  Even during the first course we covered a lot of work with some relatively easy corrections that I could use immediately to make a positive difference for myself and for other people – ‘my clients’.  Each subsequent course has been even more far-reaching and I have already helped people in various areas of their lives.  The onus is very much on supporting and encouraging people to take charge of their own lives, health and circumstances.  The benefits people have gained after working with me have varied from dramatic, apparently instant improvements, to more subtle, just feeling better about things.  The course requires commitment & practice between the courses.  The only way to become an excellent HK practitioner is to use the wealth of information and corrections gained through the training.  Now a number of years later I too am an HK tutor myself. Julie Tasker, Nottinghamshire