Dr Jimmy Scott – Founder and Originator of HK

Dr Jimmy Scott - Founder of HK

Dr Jimmy Scott – Founder of HK

Dr. Jimmy Scott started developing the Health Kinesiology System of Bio-Energetic Kinesiology in 1978. After earning his Ph.D. in Physiological Psychology at the University of North Carolina in 1966, Dr. Scott went on to work for the University of California. He left his University career behind him in 1976 after becoming licensed as a Psychologist and started a professional practice doing biofeedback and relaxation training with clients. While working with clients, Dr. Scott became more and more interested in what “health” really is. Clients told him how they were getting healthier in ways not obviously related to what they were doing, and he began to analyze what factors contributed to health. This led him into nutrition work and to train in Touch for Health as an instructor.

He read the papers published by Applied Kinesiology and started to use the Kinesiology procedures to enhance his work. His practice became busier and busier but he began to puzzle over why he had to repeat procedures with some clients over and over again.

The Breakthrough

The big breakthrough he made was to realise that all ‘energy corrections’ needed the points held across the coupled meridians. Once he started doing this the corrections held and clients started to make lasting progress in their quest for health. He also realised very early on that the finger modes were inadequate to gain the depth of information he wanted from his clients. By balancing the body first he was able to get reliable information from the client’s body through verbal testing.

Dr. Scott’s goals were to develop the most effective, robust, permanent methods for change that he could, using his scientific analytical training. His scientific training enabled him to maintain a sceptical attitude, think clearly, evaluate all available facts, and to question anything not “scientifically proven.”

With his new version of Kinesiology he had a method to compare procedures and determine which of two or more approaches was best, not just whether a procedure “worked.” He soon discovered that many commonly used techniques, although temporarily affecting the energy of a client, did not seem to have much lasting effect.

Dr Scott is continually researching and developing Health Kinesiology and has over the last 30 years come up with a healing system that is profound and extremely effective but simple to learn and apply to promote significant positive changes in a person’s well-being.

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